PSA YouTube Submission Form 2017



PSA YouTube Submission Form 2017

PSA YouTube Submission Form 2017

Deadline for Submission February 14, 2017

Video Criteria & Guidelines: PSA Contest Guidelines:

A Public Service Announcement (“PSA”) is, in essence, a video commercial designed to raise awareness or change attitudes, rather than to sell a product. Examples of previous Public Service Announcements are those that promote buckling your seat belt in a car (the “Click It or Ticket” television campaign) or those designed to discourage drug use in teens (the “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” campaign).

The PSA Contest Guidelines are below. Students in schools should form groups of 2 to 12 students, and those groups should together produce a Public Service Announcement video. That production must be designed to raise awareness and improve other teenagers’ attitudes around the issues of aggression and bullying in school, using the contest question posed on our website.

Within the guidelines below, content may be anything that students consider would be effective in raising awareness about bullying and aggression among teens. We hope to offer the winning team a limousine to escort them to the Awards Ceremony. Winning schools, supervising adults, and others are welcome and the students’ families will also be invited.

PSA Contest Guidelines: The video must be produced, written, and acted in by students.

The student group producing the video must be under the supervision of a teacher, coordinator, guidance counselor, theater teacher, or other adult in the student group’s school. The supervisor may be a volunteer adult (e.g., a parent from the community) if the school authorizes the project.

The best way to avoid problems submitting your PSA would be to upload directly to the MARC PSA Contest YouTube page:

If you have problems uploading to YouTube please contact Theresa Knapp at

Entries on outdated formats (e.g., Hi8 mini-tapes, VHS) will not be able to be judged, subject to the unavailability of appropriate technology. Please do not use these formats.

The PSA must run between approximately 30 and 80 seconds.

Content must be appropriate for all audiences. Submissions will be disqualified if they contain:

Obscenities of any type; Inappropriate or offensive language of any type, including racial, ethnic, or group slurs; Nudity; Sexual innuendo, sexual content, sexually suggestive filming techniques; or Any other content which the judges decide is inappropriate for a school contest.


Winning teams (students) will be required to sign a release form.

Winners will be invited to our annual Youth Summit on March 15, 2017

MARC reserves the right not to accept any entry for any reason.

No video(s) will be posted to our YouTube Account until ALL parental releases are received.

Parental releases (downloadable from our website) must be obtained for every student under age 18 who is immediately involved in the production. People that do not play a vital role do not need them. (For example, students who help run a school television studio but only assist in this particular production tangentially would not be part of the winning team and therefore do not need releases; but anyone who speaks on camera or anyone who is actively involved in the production must have a parental release.) The parental release is necessary because the winners’ names will be released to the press and their PSA may be aired on cable or network television.

To submit your parental release you may email them to or FAX them at 508-531-5784.



Copy and paste this link into your browser: then click the arrow (or hit upload) in the top right corner of your screen.

Please note that YouTube supported file formats are: .MOV .MPEG4 .MP4 .AVI .WMV .MPEGPS .FLV 3GPP WebM

Questions or Concerns? Please contact Kristine Bohmer at or call our office at 508-531-1784. Our office is open weekdays 9am-3pm.

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